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Join us for one of our Master Workshops and journey with us into the creative future…

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Our Master Workshops are a unique opportunity to work closely alongside an international selection of top artists and instructors who care deeply about the quality and abundance, vibrancy and vitality of works being generated in our culture, as well the innate importance of sharing the creative process.

Built upon the values of quality engagement, research, community-building, and excellence, our educational program is committed to a rigorous development of artist practices both in early and more established stages of their creative professional journeys.  

We are pleased to be able to share a variety of new Master Workshops this year:


FREDERICA MATHEWES-GREEN |  Writing Workshop + Retreat

Join us with gifted and accomplished spiritual writer Frederica Mathewes-Green in a contemplative weekend retreat for writers of all genres -- in this unique opportunity to be renewed and inspired by both one’s faith and the joy of the writing process.  

 June 9 - 12, 2017 |  Weekend




JOHN C. TRAYNOR | Plein-air Retreat and Workshop

This featured workshop will give a handful of all-level painters the time and space to reflect and respond to the poignant and unique charge given to the artist for capturing God’s glory as seen and experienced through the beauty of his creation.

Under the mentorship of acclaimed painter John C. Traynor, participants will receive thoughtful creative leadership, learn or improve on their painting technique, and share inspiring dialogue that will encourage each individual’s artistic growth and intuitive drawing and painting process. 

August 17-20, 2017 |  2-day workshop + retreat







George Kordis | Rhythm & Form: An Icon Drawing Workshop

Join world-renowned Greek iconographer Dr. George Kordis for a rare opportunity to immerse in the ancient techniques of drawing in the Byzantine style.   

Sept. 10 - 16 | 4-day workshop



George Portrait


David Clayton | The Way of Beauty 

Join Catholic author and Englishman David Clayton (www.thewayofbeauty.org) in a contemplative weekend retreat centered around the traditional spiritual formation that would have been given to the great Catholic artists of the past.

October 13 - 15 | Weekend





Buzz McLaughlin | The Process of Story Development

Join accomplished playwright and one of the country’s leading dramaturgs Buzz McLaughlin (http://www.buzzmclaughlinscripts.com) for an immersive weekend retreat focusing on narrative  story development and the writing process.

Nov 9 - 12 | Weekend



The workshop gathers for more instructional demonstration with Anton Daineko


NH Poet Laureate, Alice Fogel | Poet’s Retreat

Oct. 28-30, 2016 


Anton & Ekaterina Daineko |  10-Day Byzantine Iconography & Gilding

July 24-Aug 3 


Anton & Ekaterina Daineko |  7-Day Byzantine Iconography 

Aug 14-21, 2016