A place for good story


Shared words from friend Steven Garber, who was with us at the Songwriters Festival for several days and took the time to meditate upon the vision slowly forming here at the farm:

Over the Shoulder, Through the Heart

A good read, and encouraging to those of us who hope to get to this place imagined and made manifest while still on this earth — now planting dreams, tilling and making ready the soil for the work ahead.

“May good stories in every kind of art be the long, good work of the Ottauquechee Farm, nourishing imaginations that make for morally meaningful life for all of us… songs and paintings and more that offer windows into what it means to be human, honestly and deeply human, creatively twining together the wonder and the wound at the heart of every heart.”

A lovely perspective reminding in our formative days to hold fast to the hope of what might be, of what could be — so that in the rightful time, we should be able to offer a critical sanctuary for the creative process to gently unfold, providing birthing fields to good story in myriad form.

Being obedient to one’s calling, by the grace of God, we journey on to prepare the way for the possibility of days and years to come…

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